Famous actor of Televisa in problems: is your child not acknowledged plans to sue?


The famous actor of Televisa, José Luis Cordero “Pocholo” could be sued by his alleged daughter is not recognized. This would be a great problem for the interpreter of soap operas, as the alleged daughter claims that the actor knows of its existence and that even already have done DNA testing where it is confirmed that yes they are relatives.

The daughter is not recognized “Pocholo” stated in an interview with TVNotas that is very disconcerted with the actor and mexican singer. Because, according to the woman, the artist, and she had already had a approach previously. Even José Luis Cordero he had told the young man that he was homesick and wanted to spend time with her.

“He himself told me that it was my father; I do not believe, because it was very rare, and it was there where I asked for the DNA test,” said the interviewee.

The 29-year-old alleged daughter of the actor “By love without law” stated that you already plan to take to the courts of the united States his case, because she wishes that the artist of Televisa, the legally recognized as his daughter, since the DNA evidence came out 99.9% positive, which means that yes they are family.

Pocholo don’t want to know more of your daughter

According to young, was the actor of soap operas and programs of Televisa, who walked away from her after having sought it. Pocholo even now he “hides” your daughter is not recognized, and no longer wants to give him more face.

  • “Excuses, I realize that everything I said was a lie… I don’t understand how she was able to tell me that you missed me and that he loved me,” exclaimed the woman.

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Therefore, the claim against José Luis Cordero “Pocholo” soon take place; but the young lady says that she does not want money, but just to be recognized with the surname of his father as he once promised. Recall that the actor and singer of 63 years became famous in Televisa thanks to productions such as “¡¡Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!!” and “Single Dad”.