Fernanda Castillo amazes his followers with well-fitting clothes


Fernanda Castillohas been active in the social networks in the last few weeks thanks to the quarantine by the COVID-19.

On this occasion, the actress shared a series of sexy images where it wears it with pride her slender figure, which work to recover then interpret the character of Tami in the movie “Sweet Family” character to the one who had to go up 13 pounds.

With this picture, the beloved actress of film and television mexican fell in love with his followers of Instagram, who are accustomed to this kind of photo sexy of Fernanda Castillo.

Look at the picture of Fernanda Castillo:

Almost in all publications, Fernanda Castillo, who is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, accompanied the images with text that urged his followers to stay home during the next few days, to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • “Today we stay inside and on the inner search for the infinite ways that we have to create, to help, to grow and to be better when we can come back to see us outside.“

The publication of Fernanda Castillo was well-received by their fans and in a very few moments got almost 100 thousand likes and many messages, in which they stressed as well that lucia actress.

In addition, the solidarity of a large number of followers did not wait, so they decided to send messages of support, as well as flattering comments that highlighted their appearance in comparison with pieces of art.

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  • “The whole reason this is happening to us is a teaching“, “beauty“, “Divine“, “Beautiful“, “you’re beautiful“, “you Are pure art,“ The most beautiful“, “Always beautiful“, “But beautiful“, “That elegance of woman“, “Spectacular“, were some of the messages that the fans left him with the actress.