Hailey Baldwin might have left a message aggressive to Selena Gomez


Hailey Baldwin now known as Hailey Bieber shared in the stories of its official account of Instagram with an image that may be believed is a message for Selena Gomez.

Gomez is the ex-girlfriend of the husband of Baldwinboth had a courtship of a year with constant breakups and reconciliations.

Fans of both artists believed that the dating of Bieber and Baldwin passenger however the couple got married in both a civil and a year later by the church.

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Maybe Selene to know that la couple married by the church a year after he thought everything was already lost as to have a reconciliation with her ex-boyfriend.

The song of Selena in mention is called “Lose you to love me” which talks about a relationship toxic, and a farewell final between the two.

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“In two months replaced our us, as that was easy. It made Me think that I deserved it, in the hardest part of my recovery, part of the melody Gomez.

For the interpretation of the fans Selena this kind of sentences have fueled the idea that the issue is dedicated to Biener due to the timing of your last relationship, so that the singer and businesswoman mexican-american 27 years it has become a little bit exposed.

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As mentioned before the ruptures and reconciliations “the relationship toxic number one” which lasted between 2011 and 2018it was all finished when just two months you have finished with Selena, Bieber announced that he would be married with Hailey Baldwin, who is now his wife.

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Almost immediately you have posted the song, Hailey shared a screenshot where it showed the song that I listened to at that time which is titled “I’ll kill you” of the singer Summer Walker, go match truth.

Image shared by Hailey Bieber | Instagram

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