Hard confession. “I’m not where I need to be”. Nagore Robles rota

March 30, 2020
(14:02 CET)

Toñi Moreno reappeared in Living life through a video call after the temporary cancellation of MYHYV by the coronavirus. The presenter has explained to Emma Garcia as he is living the confinement from his home in Madrid, where he has been trapped with his daughter Lola in just two months. The state of alarm he was caught in the capital and could not return to Cadiz with his parents, where is his family.

Fortunately, the small is putting it very easy: “It’s so good, eats, sleeps, smiles… Cries only when he is hungry”explained the own Toñi. Currently, confesses to having a broken heart between his two dreams, her daughter and her profession. “Now I have caught this by being a journalist, but being a mother also. That’s why I have the feeling of not being where I need to be as a professional. But on the other hand, I am where I need to be as a mother.”

Toñi Moreno Viva la vidaTo Toñi journalism is totally vocational. “My passion is journalism, and when it passed he ebola I went to Africa, I was in Haiti…I want to be there but now I am a mother and I see things differently”, he explained.

The andalusian did not stay there, and he claimed that the coronavirus will change “our way of relating with others, the world is not going to be the same”. You are worried because you do not know the future will leave her daughter Lola. Although it is far from your family at least has his hand to his small, who is a piece of bread. “It’s so good, it has nothing to do with me.”


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