“Has disappeared”. Lydia Lozano and all Save me very worried


lydia lozano lucia bosé

March 30, 2020
(11:49 CET)

Spanish citizens are entering the third week of confinement. There are still two more, and it is unknown if there will be a fifth, even sixth. As all of them, the majority of partners of Save me are isolated in their respective homes. The only one who goes to work every day is Jorge Javier Vázquez. However, during these two weeks all of them have been connected directly with the program using a video call. For example, Belén Esteban is the cook’s official space. But, where is Kiko Hernández?. “Has disappeared” or “this is too weird”, they say.

Kiko Hernández is the only one that has not connected to live with the program. His last participation in the space was the last Friday the 13th of march. The tertullian has been taken very seriously of not leaving the house. All for the sake of their two small daughters, the twins April and Jimena.

The life of Kiko Hernández change completely in the past month of January 2017 when it came to their two twin daughters by gestational surrogacy in San Diego, California. Now Hernandez is very happy with this new life and is considered to be a person very familiar.

Kiko HernándezNow that you can’t go to the studios of Telecinco to work has focused on them 100%. Is a single parent and the job is double. The collaborator, one of the most beloved of Save me, has not logged on in no time with the presenters of the space. All others if they have done so on one occasion or even more.

Nor is shown very near in their social networks where it seems that you have also given to the pause button. Is doing a full disconnect. However, Kiko Hernandez has always been very protective of his private life.

The contributor does not think to resume his work in rescue me until the crisis of the coronavirus has passed. By the time it is isolated in Villa Chatín, a house that is for sale, as well as your floor of Chamberí.