“Has done it again”. Cries in Paracuellos. Andrea de Janeiro is very angry with Belén Esteban


March 30, 2020
(14:59 CET)

Andrea Janeiro asked Belén Esteban that never more speak of it, or of Jesulín de Ubrique. And although at times it has cost him to be retained has met with her. However, some media continue to talk about this relationship. Marks 20 years since Belen Esteban caught a Andrea de Janeiro baby in arms and his Ambitions with so abruptly. Weeks later, the collaborative broke into the television sets becoming a character in the media. On march 18, the of Paracuellos put an end to their relationship of five years with Jesulín de Ubrique, the father of her only daughter. “I felt despised,” he said.

“I was up to the pussy. Was not happy, could not continue there. I was invited to leave. They told Me to take my daughter and me out because I said that I was sick in front of everyone. Living together was horrible. To me Jesus I’ve never been thrown out. I had a discussion and I went,” he said. In all the interviews has proved that there existed a good relationship between her and the rest of the family of Jesulín.

Bethlehem confessed why burst the day after being injured once more, and went on: “They called Me a bitch and Jesulín not defended me” unveiled. According to the magazine Readings, the person who called him that way was Carmen de Janeiro, a sister of Jesus, and responsible to the end of their relationship.

In anger, Bethlehem shared with the audience many more episodes controversial: “One day I was angry, Jesulina came to spit near the carricoche of Andrea”. In its constant visits by the studios, Bethlehem did not stop to laugh at Carmen and the audience clapped. “Jesulina says that it is model. I river. What model of what? Ah, yes! Has done some parade shopping centre. What more would like the cat to lick the plate! I have not operated anything”, he said.

Carmen Janeiro became one of the most important people in Belen Esteban for the affection that he brought to his daughter Andrea Janeiro. He was the only person of Ambitions that came to see her. The co-worker has refuted many of the accusations of the Janeiro. “No I got kicked out of Ambitions for smoking dope. At that time I knew not what they were”unveiled.

jesulín de ubrique and belén esteban

The father of Jesulín, Humberto Janeiro, also accused of thief and handed him a trap. “My son told me that he was missing money. Coincided that came to Bethlehem and we put a trap to see if she was. I never saw that will take money, but it was missing”. Bethlehem responded angry: “I did not steal ever”.

Jesulín de Ubrique confessed that he had left her, and she no longer wanted him. In addition confess that I never was unfaithful. Jesulín accused her of having thrown a plate at the head.

“I had just give birth, not had a hard, I remember that I was going to the pharmacy to by the milk, and I fiaban, then you go to pay, I had to bring the ticket to Ambitions”told excited. “I never wanted to, I looked like a gypsy moth”, he confessed.

Jesulín de Ubrique threw the belongings that had been left in Ambitions in the floor of your home.