“He has lost 11 and a half kilos”. David Bustamante you want to know your trick


David Bustamante

March 30, 2020
(13:46 CET)

David Bustamante has received in numerous occasions criticism for his physical appearance. Since ending its relationship with Paula Echevarría has been “abandoned” physically. The artist presents a body much wider than the that have disappeared, their abs, their biceps and their pecs. The singer has been very upset on numerous occasions with the comments to his appearance. Maybe you should participate in Survivors. All contestants, less Dew Flowers, get thin.

Without a doubt, the great physical change that suffer due to the conditions they face, is what most interests the audience and certainly the most surprising. The transformation is most obvious note in Albert Canyon. The extronista has undergone a great physical change. But it is not the only one.

cristian suescun

The brother of Sofia became the past Thursday, march 26 in the fourth expelled official. The exchófer of Kiko Matamoros discovered in the middle direct the pounds you had lost during your participation in the contest, which has lasted a month and a half. Jordi González has announced to the followers of the program and Cristian Suescun the pounds you had lost during your adventure. The figure was surprising since she became the contestant of all the issues that most had managed to lose weight.

“Do you say how much you’ve lost? 11 and a half kilos, exactly 11 kilos and 600 grams,” he says. A figure that Cristian not seem to have been surprised because that is what I expected: “I’m not surprised the truth. When you fail both the forces… I saw this coming”, has responded to the presenter.

Cristian Suescun has confessed that it has been a great adventure and gives you a lot of grief to leave: “The experience has been a little strong, losing that much weight in so little time, it is a thing of crazy. I’m happy to already be in contact with my people”.