how to home create a look that wet effect


Hair wet-effectto show : a look that never goes out of fashion, timeless, during the beautiful season (but not only, as the figures show in the course of the autumn – Winter-2020) and versatile webs combine, both to the stylish look like Scarlett Johansson, the more casual and easy chic. Bright, brilliant and easy to recognize a trend that has again proposed systematically the 90s, and is also in the last round of the Fashion Week, and popular with the stars of the webs. To make hair extra shiny, dynamic, and in the foreground, the face that is to be used with gel, wax, paste, styling sprays and ad-hoc hair loose but also with a touch of glam.

How to wet the effect at home

To create a wet-to-regulate-look d ‘ arta is the most important rule, to not be afraid to overdo it with the product, unless the right is. Wax and gel from the wet-effect, it will allow you to create the perfect look wet for your hair to avoid are all products of the effect, matt and Mat. First, you have to you can choose to create the type of styling: you wander out of the hair locker with scriminatura Central as worn by the models of Moschino, or brush back as we have seen, the catwalk from Marni to the look unkempt by Salvatore Ferragamo and strict hairstyles of Fendi. If you are a look unruly and disheveled begins to dry, the hair on the head, be sure to let you they are moist and not dry of the whole. At this point, the product of the wet-effect with the hands is. The tousled look is perfect, if he combed backward: jump to the fingertips from the root of the hair in the direction of the back of the head, pull back the hair with the hands; if necessary repeat the steps to add volume and texture to the look, by then, the product also sule-lengths and ends with the same mode. If you instead, you want to styling a strict and ordered you need a comb in the queue with clenched teeth; in this case, the main actor is not a sound is heard, and then the roots need to be completely flat: ideal to combine the tail with the horse, harvested, but also for the hair to loose. The product is warmed between the palms of the hands, then apply it on the hair, starting from the center to the outside. With the comb distribute the product evenly and make sure that no baby rebel hair.

To create 3 products, hairstyles, the wet-effect

Not all products are the same: for the realization of the perfect look, the by the effect, you need to wet gel from the wet-effect or waxes legs, bright, or spray Polish. Here are 3 products that you can try at home to create your perfect look from the wet-effect.

  1. L’oréal Paris – Extreme Splash: a gel that is not greasy and does not “insert” the hair, giving a shiny and bright, but, above all, be flexible to operate the hair to any hairstyle is to realize allows you want to. Shine, hold, and maximum comfort.
  2. Cotril – Water Pomade Wax: a wax shaping, water-based, completely transparent, leave no residue and allows you styling is desired to stiffen without the hair.
  3. Wella Professionals – Eimi Perfect Setting: spray fixative extra light, by spraying on the hair will have a glossy effect and giving curls a boost of volume.