“I can’t be more great!”. Becky G taught and new


March 30, 2020
(19:45 CET)

Becky G he is living his confinement at home as a chance to rest a little after a year of crazy in which his career had been definitively undermined and had become one of the singers most followed in the world.

However, the California artist was not going all that well in the beginning of this year after seeing his first solo album was not having the success that expectations had been raised.

In fact, the figures do not let in a good place, or in shopping or in reproductions, being their best song out of the top5 of the most viewed on Youtube of his entire career.

A new Becky G

On the day of yesterday, Becky G released an image in your account of Instagram which showed at home to explain that in the confinement in which it was needed to create routines.

And the singer was surprised with a few new glasses to their fans, a huge that elicited comments on the part of his followers that say things like “I can’t be more great!” or “they Are giants”.

A new beginning

Becky G he confessed to his fans that expected this time of confinement will serve to make a new start 2020 when they come out with more energy than he had seen during the beginning of this year.

The artist wants to load the batteries, and with sport and some music seems to be achieved.