“I wanted to be an alcoholic and prostitute”. The great Wyoming, and the spectators of The Intermediate hallucinating


31 march 2020
(14:40 CET)

The main programs of television have been known to reinvent itself to continue entertaining their faithful fans. The Ant has returned with a round from set with his co-workers and connecting with the famous to and from their home through video calls. Something very similar makes the big Wyoming in The Intermediate.

The program parodies the famous program of interviews Bertin Osborne, My house is yours, although adopting his first name, In your home or in mine. In the case of The Wyoming is “You are in your house and I in mine”. On Monday, 30 march went through the section Anna Castle. Both have spoken about as he carries the quarantine. The actress takes it pretty regular, but have hope because all of this will change soon.

anna castle wyoming

Little by little, making mention of their parents, Anna Castillo recalled moments of his childhood. “When I was little I played it was a girl, an orphan, or a drug addict in my house”revealed. “That is something that is very common in children. In fact, all the children of the pelis: Joselito, Marisol… Were orphans,” said the presenter, although of a drug addict and you will not find much sense. “Ya, is something that gives me a lot of shame”, tore Castle, “but it is that small I really liked the movie, Annie, who is an orphan girl”, I justified.

Part of Annie also dreamed of being miss Collen Hannigan, which, according to her is “an alcoholic and a prostitute”. That was what I wanted to be the Catalan small. “He said that he wanted to be an alcoholic and a prostitute“. The story kicked off with the laughter of The Great Wyoming, that I could not stop joking. “For your parents great news”, he said in between laughter.