Impotence. “Tragic end” (and it is by a coronavirus). David Broncano, Jordi Évole in shock


March 30, 2020
(14:22 CET)

Jordi Évole record your new program As of Évole from home. The presenter connects with some faces to interviewing them and to know how are living in this confinement. This last Sunday the Catalan connected with David Broncano, who showed a facet that is completely unknown to the young man. The spectators had the good luck to discover his human side and personal. Even the comedian showed a part of his house and the stunning views Gran Vía and Plaza España, completely empty.

The comedian continues with the recordings of The Resistance, although as the rest of the programmes, it is also affected by the coronavirus. The presenter, without an audience in studio and no guests live, has created a kind of conversation between the six partners of the program. Viewers will still love the humor thug and surreal program.

David Broncano

It is not easy to carry this situation and a lot less from the presenter confessed to having lost a loved one. “He has died for another reason, even though we do not know if what has aggravated the coronavirus”says the guest of Évole. The comedian acknowledges that it is very hard to lose someone in these difficult times. The comedian is alone, away from his family. “What has been amazing is that, in addition to the pain, because you die, you lack the power to give you a hug with your family and remember him”. “You break how to manage something of this style”, supports Broncano.

David Broncano has always supported the health care system. “As it serves to understand a time you can’t cut in public Health or in Science”published the comedian on his official Twitter account. Obviously, the tweet became viral and was applauded by all sectors.

“Set networks”, highlights the presenter of the program of Movistar+, who continues to reaffirm his words despite the criticism of some users, such as that it was “partisanship”: “it Was a vindication of the public services, public Health, Science, Education… it was not a claim-partisan, but conceptual,” explains Broncano.