Isabel Torres (‘Poison’) has announced that he suffers from lung cancer with bone metastases


Actress Elizabeth Torres is one of three in charge of interpreting Cristina “La Veneno” on the new series of Javis. After the premiere of the first episode, the actress has wanted to thank the good reception and has announced a serious health problem.

“The situation that I am now of health is very complicated. Those who know me know that I have a lung cancer with bone metastases. Is giving Me a lot of pain and many problems”he says in his video on Instagram. Torres gives thanks to the doctors who are attending in spite of the saturation of the professionals with the status of the coronavirus.

“The reason of this message is to tell you that I’m going to disconnect for a few days because but Venom is going to be able to me and I have to take care of Isabel. Torres says that such strong emotions that you are feeling for the great reception of their work will impact too much physically.

Visibly excited throughout the video, the actress thanked fans and the team of ‘Poison’. The actress will be surgery on Thursday, April 2, the date until which it will remain outside of the social networks.“My body is not now to be able to make front to this success was so wonderful that I’ve waited all my life and I thank God because what I have here. Now the only thing I have to worry about is to be able to move forward to be able to enjoy it.

His partner in the series Jedet also wanted to use his Instagram to send force: “I would like to ask that you send good energy to my colleague and friend Isabel Torres to recover from his illness soon. I love you Elizabeth, you’re going to get out of this.

A long career

Isabel Torres 'Poison'

Isabel Torres has leapt to stardom and has been known by the great public thanks to his role in ‘Poison’, but it takes many years in the world of entertainment. In 2005, he was the first trans woman candidate for Carnival Queen of Las Palmas. He has worked as an actress, presenter and announcer in The Winds (the program thanks you for your support in your message, Instagram).