Island, daughter of Kelvis Ochoa, offers a moving concert during the quarantine by coronavirus


The young Island Ochoathe daughter of the popular singer and songwriter Kelvis Ochoahe joined the artists that in these days of quarantine by the coronavirus they are giving concerts in line to encourage people to stay at home and make the isolation more enjoyable.

Island was moved to its followers with interpretations full of emotion and surprised everyone with his talent and beautiful voice.

The young man began his presentation with a beautiful rendition of Nana nanita, a christmas carol that became a lullaby. Then, dazzled with master covers topics Leave Me Lonely, Ariana Grande; Queenof the british singer Jessie J; and Make it rain, Ed Sheeran.

The gold pin was in charge of the touching song We’ll see you again, popularized by it will Be Girán, the well-known group of argentine rock formed by Charly García, David Lebón, Pedro Aznar and Oscar Moro, and that it contains a beautiful message of love and hope.

During his miniconcierto, Island encouraged their followers to stay home because “this situation is serious,” and you have to be responsible. “I really hope that I are looking from the house,” he said.

His presentation is part of the project cuban Tunturuntu Pa’ Tu Casa, a festival online that unites musicians from around the country and of all styles, that are offering concerts from their homes.

Some of the artists that have joined this initiative are Zule War, Waldo Mendoza, Suylén Milanese, X Alfonso, Michel Herrera, Alain Pérez, Cimafunk and Tony Avila, among others. There have also been groups and musicians beginners, and a DJ.