It can not be! Maluma makes it with a man and shared in their networks to see


Maluma did what no one could have imagined, It happened!

Juan Luis Londoño Arias better known as Maluma is a singer and colombian composer of 26 years of age who has become known for its great musical success which have been etched into the minds of all her fans.

Let’s remember that last year the singer Maluma was in a difficult relationship because his girlfriend Natalia Barulich decided to culminate their relationship, without any apparent explanation ¡Pobrecito!

Recently, we have observed in its profile of Instagram with a video that has left us with open mouth as we can clearly see as Maluma decides to dance to the rhythm of the music with another man.

The video that we quote the following: “And caiii in the TIK TOK (PapiJuancho) #QueChimba is to stay at home and be aware of helping the planet,” this is great news!

How it was to be expected her fans did not stop to flatter the video of the singer and among the comments are: “beautiful you are my love I’ll be here in my house waiting to see another video of yours in Tik Tok.