It Rita Ora what she teaches! Or JLo: I Pampita has a rival!


There are those that start out being one thing in this for the fame and at the end of the months end in another, or in both. That although fame flame fame, not all are worth the same and not all bodies are hangers appropriate to toggle to the profession. And it is that, if I had to leave at the beginning of the beginning of Rita Ora, should speak of your musicof his art at the time of compose and his talent as a actress, that is not to say little. But as in addition to these benefits the singer exudes personality on all four sides in addition to curves, it is now also model and image of one of the houses oldest in this style and fashion, Escada, to be exact.

And it looks that for it to be also model of penaltyfor that have the power to choose the tone of the collection of Escadathe red you are going and why presenting the awards GQ in a kind of set of underwear with a gown of chiffon has the frying pan by the handle to choose costumes and styling as it looks in the publication.

If the stylists are wrong with your figure, that’s what she is, to modify. If theirs is the voice and also the curves, that you will notice. And nothing better than a straps dress, prieto to more not power, of those who leave the balcony of your front sight you want to look and tighten the rear without compassion for that no doubt. Of the leading stamping of fire because it will it burn with his presence. Of the of Rita the model, that you feel like she knows, without need of a stylist either.