Jackal and Lenier join together and give their fans the beautiful romantic theme “Wanting you”


Two popular voices of the musical environment of cuban have joined their voices to present a new music project that is sure to make dance more of a lover of the urban beats.

Look forward to you, it’s called the new single that they released the reggaeton Lenier Table and Ramon Lavado, better known by all as Jackalthrough the YouTube channel of the latter.

The song has been presented through a video clip that was filmed in Cuba under the direction of the director cuban Freddy Loonsthe same has been behind other visual works of artists of the island as Tell of Jacob Forever or I ain’t gonna miss of Lenier and the salvadoran Álvaro Torres.

Jackal and Lenier have been lately betting more than ever for the formula of musical collaboration. While shocked their fans with the premiere of Look forward to youthe urban artists have also been presenting in the last few weeks other projects in which they have fused their styles to perfection.

Among them we find the remix of The lie, in which the two cubans shared audio track with the reguetonero puertorriqueño Divine. The topic was presented through a video that sets out the presentation live for the first time of the three interpreters, a performance in which the three performers presented the song to the perfection in front of the audience of the enclosure.

Also, within the repertoire city of the island stand out from other works in common between a Jackal and Lenier that they have positioned themselves as true hits among the fans of reggaeton cubano.

Without going further, both artists participated last month in the creation of the song I will not return, who also took part with other important exponents of reggaeton in Cuba, as Kim and Dany, Miss Dayana and Micha.

If we take a small look at the past year, 2019, we may also find that they worked together on a single titled I am a womanizer and although there came to light in an official way, the performers shared a number of advances through their own social networks.