Jennifer Lawrence, on Amazon its list wedding


Thel official engagement with a ring and proposal wedding French restaurant Raoul’s in New York, was in February, but the date of the wedding between the actress and oscar Jennifer Lawrence, 29 years old, and the gallerists of art Cooke Maroney, 34 years old, is still a secret. In the center The positive side and Hunger Games limited to reveal, in June, have already decided, the dress and the location. A few days ago PageSixrelevant page of the gossip The New York Postthe news of the home published wedding of the couple, was probably 16. september in the municipality of New York. But the rumors about the wedding have not yet been confirmed. Now, however, the evidence that the date of the “Yes-approaches-word”, has published the actress, the wedding online at Amazon.

Of course it is not the official and private, at which point the guests of their wedding celebration, but a kind of “manual” for all other women who are confronted with the preparations for the wedding can. “You are planning the wedding – writes, in fact, the actress with the introduction of its wedding table it can be overwhelming. So, for all, the abba need a little inspiration, I thought it was funny, together with Amazon, to share some of the objects from the list at the wedding, which I prefer“. And therefore, it is more than likely appear on his.

In addition to the usual cookware set, plates, Cutlery and glasses (for wine, water, champagne, and Martini), the actress in the list of fondue sets, e-book, the AirPods, a GoPro, a beauty case, an adapter for the electrical outlets, a refrigerator, a laptop. But it is also a machine to work the dough, a mixer, a rolling pin made of marble, a cutting Board, a pan, a global, an espresso machine, microwave oven, pressure cooker programmable.

The perfect modern bride-to-be, then, Jennifer don’t forget to put it in the list, the wedding things, the technologicalthe robot used the speaker, the Alexa, the thermostat is digital for accessories for the smart homewithout forgetting electronic scale connected to your smartphone to control the line.

And for relaxation, a loudspeaker, aroma therapy, a home trainer, a treadmill, the yoga Mat, set of weights to stay in shape… and punching ball with Boxing gloves box: that you have a subtle warning to the future husband?

Keep the faith, the reputation filantropa, but the actress does not forget the problems of the world. And he concludes his list of wedding and explains that he made an agreement with the Amazon Conservation, an Ngo that is committed to the the conservation of the Amazon rain forest, “that now urgently needs our help. And I’m glad to send you a donation“. In short, in the list of the wedding of Jennifer Lawrence, there is also room to have a gift traded.