Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin and a spectacular celebration in the midst of rumors of pregnancy


Justin and Hailey Bieber live in a continuing honeymoon. Since they got married for the second time in a romantic ceremony in South Carolinathe couple seems to be willing to continue taking steps to strengthen their relationship. So much so that, after the religious celebration, the canadian singer has insured that are wanting to form a family, while the model suggested that the idea of having children “now it was a reality more close”. Now, that possibility hovers over them with more force than ever because rumors of a possible pregnancy have gained a lot of strength after the greeting the public of the interpreter Sorry, who wanted to wish a happy birthday to his wife with a cryptic message.

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“Happy birthday, sweetheart. Do you want to be better each and every day. The way that you live your life is so attractive that I turn on in every way. Next season: babies“wrote the former of Selena Gomez next to a collage with photos of the great day of the couple. As expected, this publication has generated all kinds of reactions from the fans of the couple, who have wondered if the niece of Alec Baldwin is pregnant, and has reaped more than five million of ‘likes’ and more than 26,000 comments.

For the moment, the marriage has not confirmed any news, though it seems to be ready to expand the family and becoming parents. In addition to the celebration digital, the singer and the model have not come out to celebrate this special date and have done so high for everything in Malibu. In particular, have enjoyed a spectacular feast at Nobua string of high-japanese cuisine, directed by the legend of the cuisine of Nobu Matsuhisa, and with more than 40 locations, including restaurants and hotels scattered around the world.


Despite being an exclusive place, the canandiense has remained true to their urban style and has come to the evening with a styling sporty with sweatpants green, grey sweatshirt with hood oversize and wool hat mustard. However, Hailey has opted for a stylish fashion look with white pants, high heels and wool coat beige.

Before this night, the singer prepared a in the house they share in Los Angeles, filling the main hall with ten bouquets of flowers and buying a good number of gifts, among them, a clock of bright. Surely, with all these details, Hailey will not soon forget his second birthday as a married.

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