Karol G it does so with Anuel AA and the dog, and exceeded 7 million in hours


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March 30, 2020
(20:13 CET)

Karol G you are making the most out of your confinement and on the day of today has posted a video next to your dog and Anuel AA that has surprised the whole world. And is that the colombian singer has assembled a hit in a few days.

The artist has released a recording of a song he has made with his partner and had asked a series of comments to bring it out as a topic in your next job and it seems that it has achieved in just a few hours.

The interaction of the people has been brutal and has gotten over 7 million views in no time at all proving that everything he touches turns into gold.

Many comments

The colombian singer asked the 500,000 comments and still not enough, but yes, it has received the massive support of its people, and the messages of celebrities, including the footballer, uruguayan Luis Suárez.

The barca striker, who is recovering from an injury these days, he wrote, “I Want to listen to this theme now!” and he was not the only famous to show his enthusiasm.

karol g

A pause that is sitting well

Karol G I was on the verge of collapse the last few months due to the amount of commitments I had in the world to make bigger your personal brand, and what is true is that we note these days that I needed rest.

In addition, thanks to the confinement, it seems that you have to prepare your wedding with Anuel AA with peace of mind, something that also was quite concerned about.