Kelly Clarkson does a ‘cover’ of ‘Shallow’ and say that it does it better than Lady Gaga


At this point, there are few who have not been listening Shallowthe main song of the movie a star is born has already been rewarded at the Grammys and has obtained nine nominations at the Oscars. However, someone has dared to make a version and there are people who think that it is better than the original Lady Gaga. The singer in question has been Kelly
Clarkson and the video of his cover posted in Youtube. What you, what you think?

It happened last Friday in a concert that Kelly Clarkson was offering in Wisconsin as part of his tour Meaning of Life. At a time of the night, the artist announced that he was going to sing Shallowpossibly the song most played at the moment.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will be taking their song 'Shallow' to the Oscars

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will be taking their song ‘Shallow’ to the Oscars
(‘A star is born’)

“I hope I’m not screwing up. And if I do not see”, he admitted before the start and referring to Lady Gaga, who along with Bradley Cooper puts a voice to this beautiful song that he has already earned her the Grammy for Best duet.

Before daring to re-interpret the song, Kelly Clarkson talked about her two original singers. About Lady Gag said that it was one of the “human beings more good” that he has known. With regard to Bradley Cooper, confessed to know of his musical talent long before that a star is born is estrenase.


The video of the performance from Kelly Clarkson posted on Youtube and many fans have dared to assert that your version is much better than the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. What is certain is that Kelly has an awesome voice, so there is no doubt that burgundy Shallow, like its original artist.