Kimberly Loaiza: A FLATULENCE escaped him in front of her boyfriend What a bear!


The famous Kimberly Loaiza has played a time pretty distressing along with her boyfriend Juan de Dios Pantoja, after the launch of a flatulence and be recorded a video that you just filtered.

It seems that the famous Kimberly Loaiza had a moment sultry to go for a flatulence without wanting to after all the laughing, and in front of her husband Juan de Dios Pantojabecause the youtuber was in a moment cute with her boyfriend, who was making it tickle when The Cuteness More issued the painful sound.

It is as well as Kimberly Loaiza laughed and laughed until the flatulence escaped before the sentence told Pantoja that he had said that not to make laugh, and left the place, because he felt embarrassed.

The controversial flatulence Kimberly Loaiza

It is noteworthy that the worth of Kimberly Loaiza was no more than a performance for Tiktok, where the couple has been having fun in this quarantine and helping its followers to entertain themselves with your content while they are in quarantine by coronavirus.

On the other hand, another of the TikTok who shared the youtubers stands out in the Kimberly and Kima are transformed by full-ride “fodongas” to look like a true queen.

But that’s not all, as Kim Loaiza and John have also boasted their best dance steps and some challenges in Tiktok, which appear to have shown that are in the best shape, as they have also demonstrated great skills to the famous social network.

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Not long ago the influencer and youtuber Juan de Dios Pantoja is giving a lot to talk about appearing in a video that is circulating on the internet and is struck so advantageous for another well-known youtuber, this is the zorrito youtubero who shared a video on his account ofiial of Tik tok, which it seems has little to opened, where we share how it is that hits Juan de Dios Pantoja brutally.