Michael C. Hall (‘Dexter’) has formed a band of experimental pop and have a great song


Dexter has left to kill, and has formed a music band. Michael C. Hall could not show off his talents as a singer in the series that gave him his most well-known role, but in musical theater, representing works such as ‘Cabaret’ and ‘Chicago’ on Broadway since the late 90’s. In fact his work as master of ceremonies in ‘Cabaret’ got him his first big role in television, ‘six feet under’. The fact is curious: the theatrical staging was directed by Sam Mendes, who had just released ‘American Beauty’, whose script was written by Alan Ball. It was the british director who proposed to Michael C. Hall for the role of David Fisher the creator of the HBO series, and the rest is television history.


Those who have followed the career of Hall beyond ‘Dexter’ will know that his most outstanding work after the end of the Showtime series (with a final hideous, this is an objective fact) was starring in ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ on Broadway. As there, he met two musicians, Peter Yanowitz (drums in The Wallflowers) and Matt Katz-Bohen (keyboardist for Blondie since 2008), with which it has formed a music band, in which Michael C. Hall is the lead singer. It all started because the actor listened to several instrumental tracks in which Yanowitz and Katz-Bohen they were working, and they proposed to write some lyrics and sing over the music. The result was the three that decided to mount a group.

If the name, Princess Goes To the Butterfly MuseumI seems unlikely, you’ll have to take a listen to the themes that the band has released until now. ‘Ketamine‘, published at the end of 2019, it is a song slow pop synthetic with touches of psychedelic and ochenteros. Few days ago released ‘Love American Style‘that could be a discard of David Bowie. But his great great song until now is ‘Come Talk To Me’, a hit that dive into the dance and in the fact that Michael C. Hall shows that he has a falsetto precious.

Princess Goes To the Butterfly Museum published their first EP on the 2nd of April.

Do not leave the interpretation

Since the end of ‘Dexter’ in 2013, Michael C. Hall has continued playing small roles in other series while the intercalaba with his theatrical work. We saw him as John F. Kennedy in ‘The Crown’, she starred in the mini series of Netflix ‘Safe’ and lent his voice to Toffee, one of the villains from the animated series Disney ‘Star against the forces of evil’. He has been seen less on the big screen: among other small roles are the fun ‘games Night’, the thriller from Netflix, ‘The dark side of the moon’ and ‘The Report’, along with Adam Driver, Annette Bening and Jon Hamm.

Hall said in an interview to Collider that it’s not going to leave her “day job”but he was very excited with this musical project: “I’m dedicating without doubt a large part of my attention and my time, because it is very fun”. In addition, the actor feels the Princess Goes To the Butterfly Museum as an adventure more personal: “it belongs to you in a different way to interpret a character and say the words that another person has written,”.