“New boyfriend”. María Teresa Campos can’t put the lid back on


March 30, 2020
(12:00 CET)

María Teresa Campos is confined in the house of Terelu, while mother and daughter look the take television of their granddaughter and daughter, respectively. Alejandra Rubio came in with fear in the studios of Telecinco when he signed as a collaborator of The island of temptations, however in Live the life it has felt like home, in part because it is Terelu, his mother, and Carmen Borrego, to his aunt, in the same set.

alejandra rubio

Rafa Mora gave the feeling this week that Alejandra Rubio was playing around with other guys while I was with Alvaro Lobo. The partner was very interested in a friend of his. Does Suso Alvarez? According to the polideluxe to which it is subjected Miriam Saavedra and the partner of Save me, you both would be together.

suso alvarez

After these statements, the last Sunday in Living the life they both wanted to make it clear that between them there is only a friendship. Both are coworkers. Suso Alvarez has called to his friend Rafa Mora to make it clear that your data are wrong. As has assured the contestant Big Brother, both young men maintained a friendship and do your workouts together, which is why they wanted to clarify with him the situation. “What has been said by Rafa Mora is a lie”, he stated very emphatically.

In the polideluxe also came to light an alleged infidelity of Alejandra Rubio, Álvaro Lobo. Apparently, when these two were arguing, the daughter of Terelu Fields are going to sleep to the house of Suso Alvarez. Both have commented that “we’re going to take seriously.”

For Suso, Miriam Saavedra “is ridiculous, as a collaborator”. This was his opinion after seeing the model talk about a story that has no idea. “As a collaborator is not worth a hard, just make up the news”, claimed.