Nickelodeon fight the coronavirus with a special program


Nickelodeon has made known through a press release that will include in its programming a special segment on the pandemic of coronavirus, which will be focused to solve all the doubts of the children and to support families to fight this terrible disease.

Kristen Bell, renowned actress of film and television, will be in charge of presenting the special program in the channel Nickelodeon and within the emission will be shown to the children the correct way to practice social distancing to avoid spread of the coronavirus.

The transmission will be done through a video call that special guests will be actress Kristen Bell; it is known that the program is contemplated to be issued this Monday, march 30, through the signal of Nickelodeon in the hours of 7pm.

Nickelodeon fight the coronavirus with a special program.

Nickelodeon will prepare special to combat the coronavirus

In the same way it has been made known that the issue will count with the presence of dr. Nadine Burke Harris, who is the director of public health of the state of California, and dr. Vivek H. Murthy, well-known for having been the ex-director of public health of the united States.

Nickelodeon fight the coronavirus with a special program.

Both authorities will have the task to offer different health advice to all children and parents to look at the program, so that together they can achieve to adapt to the change of routine by the quarantine that has been implemented throughout the world by the pandemic coronavirus since a couple of weeks.

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Nickelodeon fight the coronavirus with a special program.

  • “I feel that in this moment the children’s questions and fears could be being ignored… he Wanted the kids to feel the confidence to ask questions, create a space in which they feel heard,” said the actress who gave voice to Anna in the hit film Frozen.

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