On the positive side, David O. Russell and his hymn to life


The positive side of David O. Russell’s romantic Comedy with Jennifer Lawrence on Oscar. The film, which is ideal for the ri (see) in this difficult time

The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook

After he have shown eight months in a psychiatric institution because of bipolar disorder, surprised, tried his wife’s lover, Pat Solitano (Bradley Cooper), again slowly control over his life. After the discontinuation of the parents Pat Senior (Robert De Niro) and Dolores (Jacki Weaver), decides a man to win back his ex-wife, Nikki, and create a better relationship with his father and his brother, Jake. One evening, at dinner in the house of friends, Pat knows the problems of young widow Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Despite the fights and the misunderstandings, soon the two become friends spalleggiandosi be mutually: Tiffany win a help to Pat back, the woman lost, while the latter is forced to train the girl to be with her together for a dance competition.

Extract from the the novel is the bestseller by Matthew Quick the edge of silvery clouds (The Silver Linings Playbook, 2008) and directed by David O. Russell – Director, was an unconventional movie, and the Three Kings (id., 1999) and the sports biopic The Fighter (id., 2010) – The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook (Silver Linings Playbook, 2012) is a comedy-drama unusual, with characters and crazy sui generis, with a sense of humor, captivating, and sometimes sharp. David O. Russell is, without bells and whistles, the complex issue of mental disorders, but without a setting, the tale is sick or in the hospital, but with a tone that is light enough and released.

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In telling of the return to the everyday of Pat Solitano, distraught from the betrayal of the wife and his own illness, The positive side is presented in its coralità, the encounters/fights, brawls, verbal, lights, exchange of opinions, misunderstandings, and fun-filled episodes. True the scene in a swirling game of loyal contrasts is that the core of the entire film revolves around the couple, the main protagonists Cooper Lawrence (rightly awarded the Oscar for his performance), in the roles of Pat and Tiffany, to steal each other.

On the positive side: good feelings and desire to start over

The positive side – Silver Linings Playbook

If the two main characters are of the motor as the motor of history, not less, is the microcosm of actors, which revolves around the two: father severo (Pat Senior/De Niro), had never tied a good relationship with his own son, a mother, to this (Dolores/Weaver), a boyfriend (Ronnie/Ortiz) and a psychotherapist more a mentor, a doctor (Cliff Patel/Kher). And it is precisely this framework, the contour, which makes it possible to understand in The positive side, how mental disorders they are, sometimes, lived normality in comparison to the people as a healthy but high-complessate and when the abnormality is normal, in certain contexts.

The encounter and understanding between Pat and Tiffany is what you start the main theme of the film, namely, the knowledge of how to react when life hits hard, when you leave short of the shoulders, who is in trouble, in a black abyss with no discernible output. Tiffany and Pat lived both of them have their own dramas that you brought with you, and you will discover a hidden side of himself: the first, the widow of the young man, police officer, port guilt, he plunges into adventure promiscue, without in the position to find more, a feeling or an interest in the world; succeeds in the second of the career, but with a woman fedifraga,, cushion the blow and discovers his bipolarity latent. But of these two dramas, intimate and personal, The positive side since the draw with full hands, in each a black and a very bad time in life, there are always a few positive aspectsome rationale that (it)drives, to react and regain the reins of existence by the negativity of this “plus” page, which helps not to give up and to appreciate life and to be always capable of new, small, personal company.

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Opera dolceamara made, good feelings, where, in spite of the dramatic moments and difficult times, it is also a proven happy end of the loveThe positive side – Silver Linings Playbook teaches, of the difficulties to be overcome all the obstacles on the way of existence. The brilliant film from David O. Russell is a fresco man of rare beauty film, a true hymn to life (dominated by notes of Danny Elfman), and his countless, incredible facets of is.