Paty Manterola steals sighs to show her underwear, as Yuliett Towers


Paty Manterola it has a figure of envy that she enjoys showing off in their social networks with various publications.

The actress of 47 years has raised the temperature in your account of Instagram with images in which you will see bathing suits tight to your body.

In one of his more recent publications, Paty Manterola he posed with pajamas from your home, and let her see his tiny underwear under the blouse I had.

Sitting on the floor, and with a slight smile, Paty Manterola he explained that he used this outfit because it is in quarantine in your home.

The beautiful famous he added that all the days of the week seem to Sunday and stressed that the pictures that spread in pajamas are part of the ‘good things’ that the quarantine has left him.

Manterola he thanked his fans that are aware of it and promised that soon will be a live video feed.

The outfit that you used and the way in which it showed sensuality made their photos evocaran a photograph of the model Yuliett Towers.

A few days ago Yuliett Towers published a photograph with tiny underwear sports from your bed.

Like many celebrities, Yuliett Towers is found by quarantine in your home, so that has taken the opportunity to spoil her fans with photos of a stroke in his home.

The image was taken in front of a mirror in her room shows to the mexican model with carved garments gray while she was sitting with her legs open.

Although the attire Paty Manterola it was loose, openings in the sides of her blouse revealed that her underwear it was black and tiny.

In addition, the pose that you used Manterola with one leg raised was very similar to how it is positioned Yuliett Towers in front of the camera.

Previously, Paty Manterola he shared several snapshots that show up in comfortable clothes doing yoga exercises.

As in his more recent photos, Paty I was sitting on the floor and asked his fans to be thankful to be alive, in addition to asked them to come together in love to pray for those in need during the pandemic coronavirus.

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