Quentin Tarantino is taking advantage of the quarantine to write movie reviews


We have already seen that the quarantine for pandemic coronavirus is taking the more creative side to neighbouring communities as a whole. Spending so many hours at home, it is time to find new hobbies or take up old hobbies, as did Quentin Tarantino. The director of ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood is taking advantage of the confinement to take out his vein as a film critic.

Quentin Tarantino

The filmmaker is taking advantage of the website of the film Los Angeles has in the property, The New Beverly, for writing reviews. For the moment we are focusing on classics of the big and small screen who marry pretty with its style, as ‘The hero on the loose’, ‘gunsmoke’, A ‘miss rebel’ or ‘Sam Cade – A Gun For Billy’. And are not all that critical of a paragraph, are developments conscientious about each movies or chapters, an entire jewel for related to the taste of Tarantino.

Lessons from the movies by Quentin Tarantino

Not only write criticism. One of the latest updates is an analysis of the star of the martial arts Wang Yu, the precursor of actors such as Bruce Lee. If you have good level of English, are no doubt the readings are super interesting now that probably you will have the time.

With this hobby, Tarantino gives online visibility to the New Beverly, a film that promised that it would continue to open and projecting sessions doubles and films in 35 mm “while you are still alive and continue to be rich”. The director bought the film, located on Beverly Boulevard, in Los Angeles, in 2007. It is currently closed for regulations against the coronavirus.