Rihanna has been living in Mexico for a reason that you won’t believe the Incredible!


During an interview, Rihanna he confessed that he had been living in Mexico for a long period, however this for an amazing reason that you won’t believe. But what we can be sure of is that your love for our country is sincere.

Remember that Rihanna it is one of the singers most successful of today, and who we have waiting her ninth album, especially after releasing her new single “Believe It”, in collaboration for the new album of the rapper “PartyNextDoor”.

And just this year, it is known that Rihanna will be the star of the cover of the magazine “British Vogue” for may 2020; what makes us think that he has something prepared for these dates and their new album could be the reason.

Rihanna has been living in Mexico

In the exclusive story, Rihanna admitted two very important things, the first is that it has been working very hard to make their new album with a “feel of reggae”, and the second is that it has been in Mexico longer than we know.

Even the singer admitted that he loves both our country and may have to do a DNA test. He also confessed that he has four preferred destinations to live: London for creativity, Paris to feel the fashion, Barbados for your family and Mexico to relax.

“I identify with mexicans”: Rihanna

The singer joked, mentioning that in your last life could have been a plant of agave, because it feels a kind of kinship with the mexicans by having a mother a legal immigrant in Barbados.

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With regard to this topic Rihanna said, “I identify with mexicans and that is why I relate and I empathize with them and with latinos as they are discriminated against in the united States. I know what it feels like to have to the immigration entering your house in the middle of the night to take people.” Confessed the singer to this journal by making reference to an experience that he lived to the age of eight.