Rihanna takes it all in the balcony of his house. I picture it as God brought the world!


31 march 2020
(15:10 CET)

Rihanna it is one of those singers who, beyond his tremendous talent for music, it is very likely that you end up going to the history also for the many controversies that he has starred in.

It is one of those singers who, as is the case with Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj or Cardi B, it matters little to him what people say about them or their followers, much less their haters. In fact, for a lot of their most loyal fans to take time reclamándola re-compose, it seems that he has chosen desbancarse and go to time to by the world of fashion.


It is no secret that he has always liked to dress very provocative and that her curves have become, along with his “brutal” beauty, in one of his best weapons to be one of the most sensual women in the world.

Neither is the fact that, for a time, the Barbados you have opted to start their way in the world of fashion and decided to create his own brand in which, as is well known by its followers, the lingerie sensual has much prominence.

The photo on the balcony

While it is true that Rihanna I had gotten a long time ago to become one of the artists most top in the music scene, he was aware that I would have to work very hard to make your mark, Savage X Fentycould also be one of the most well-known.


That is why we took the decision to be one of the key models from the photo sessions that were going to be the protagonists of the different campaigns. Photo sessions with that (outside of the usual criticism for the excessive use of Photoshop) has managed to rumble.

Photos like this one in which we see it in the balcony of his house as God the pit to the world wearing only a coat that has generated comments such as “If it is not possible to be more beautiful”, “Brutal” or “Rihanna is the queen”.