Rita Ora is going out with the son model of Jude Law


They went out of hand in the last delivery of the Brit awards Awards, and two days later has come the confirmation. Rita Ora is dating the son of Jude Law, Rafferty. The singer, 29-year-old, and the child model, Hollywood actor, 23, have fallen in love on the set of the remake of Oliver Twist. According to the latest news, carry out a couple of weeks and are so serious that they are happy to make public their romance.


A source has pointed out in The Sun how started their love story: “It has been cooking on a slow fire after they started to work together.” The chemistry between them was evident, and soon began the rumors of whether there might exist something more than friendship. However, it has been now when the couple has decided to take it a step further and came out holding the hand of the Brit Awards. The image that confirmed the romance. “Now it is a relationship, they decided that they were ready to go out as a couple and could not help but get caught hand-in-hand when you leave. Still are early days, but in this moment is love”, explains the same source.

The filming of Twist started a month ago and the couple shares cast with Hollywood heavyweights like Michael Caine, who plays the wily Fagin, and the star of Game of Thrones Lena Headey, who plays Sikes. Rita, who is six years older than the eldest son of Jude Law and Sadie Frost, plays the Artful Dodger, while él plays the main character. It is the great opportunity of Rafferty as an actor, he has previously been a runway model for prestigious fashion brands. Rita Ora for its part, has already taken its steps in the world of film in the franchise Fifty shades of Grey.

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“I’m excited to interpret a literary character so beloved. I look forward to working with Martin Owen to give life to his new version of the character in the London of today!”, he confessed the son of Jude Law, whose first impressions among the team are being really good. A source told MailOnline: “Twist is a modern interpretation of Oliver Oliver by Charles Dickens in which the main character has been reinvented as a street artist who lives in the streets of modern London … Rafferty impresses with his screen presence and his nervousness brings a completely new dimension to the role of Oliver”.