Rosalie becomes her own stylist and you cut the bangs!

The time at home has caused several celebrities to become their own stylists, and on this occasion a victim of this leisure time was the singer Rosalia who shared his new look with his followers in Instagram.

Rosalia became its own hairdresser and did what many women fear it will cut off the fringe! and we must confess that the result was not as terrible as many would think, as the singer looks more beautiful than ever.

Remember that Rosalia is not the only one that has played with her look during the quarantine for the Covid-19, since we have seen that a number of celebrities such as Maluma, Ricky Martin, and Pink is to make radical changes during these last few weeks.

Rosalie becomes her own stylist

We cannot deny that we have all had the curiosity to change the look with our own hands, which often brings disastrous results, especially when women decide to cut the fringe.

We have seen thousands of videos with failed attempts of women trying to cut the fringe, so this task has become one of the most difficult to do alone. However, Rosalia had the courage to become your own stylist and cut the fringe.

Rosalia boasts a new look on Instagram

But unlike what many people think, Rosalia achieved an excellent result with this change of look, which makes you look more youthful. Even have flattered the singer for always looking beautiful despite of risks like this.

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It is worth mentioning that Rosalie has more than 10.5 million followers on Instagram, which were totally surprised with the unexpected change of look of the Spanish singer, who has distinguished himself by the sport a long hair without bangs.