Sea of Regil poses in a bikini and is identical to her mom


Sea of Regil he recently turned 16 years of age and thanks to the habit of doing exercise and take care of your body that has instilled in him by his mom, Barbara de Regilis that the young person maintains an enviable figure and is stealing glances on social networks.

Sea of Regil in bikini

His followers continue increasing in your account Instagramnow , with just 49 pictures in this social network has over 1.5 million fans who on a daily basis eagerly awaiting a new photo or story of the young influencer, even in the networks you can find various fake accounts of the minor.

These fake accounts tend to upload images of the daughter of Barbara de Regil as the young man is very well known both by his mother and by his account of Tik Tok where it has more than 860 thousand followers.

Daughter of Barbara de Regil in Tik Tok

In his account of Tik Tok usually share videos, dancing, doing different challenge, having fun with her best friends, showing their travel and up to maquillandose.

Maybe you are interested.- Barbara de Regil scolds her daughter Sea by making video of “nacos”

No doubt each day that passes, Sea of Regil becomes more beautiful and her fans increase.

Fame sometimes is not all positive as this places it in the eye of many people and anything they do can be re-controversial as recently when he mentioned the word “naco” in one of his videos and millions of people have criticized and even asked his mom if he had scolded his daughter.

Barbara de Regil defended his daughter, although he said that he spoke with her about being more careful with the things that upload to internet, as there are some things that can be misinterpreted.