Sebastián Rulli breaks Tik Tok with a shocking video ¡OMG!


Sebastián Rullileft crazed fans of Tik Tok to share a fun video alongside the famous actress Angelique Boyerbut something that was surprised to the users was the look that used the argentine actor.

Now that you are enjoying a well deserved rest at the side of his bride, the famous enjoy this time of quarantine by taking advantage of social networks to entertain his millions of followers.

And is that the argentine actor since he joined Tik Tok has not stopped to share entertaining videos, although the most recent of them, has left crazed to users, as the famous wore it as a whole woman.

It seems that the actor took advantage of the social networks to share to his fans what he does in this quarantine, since it has been known to take as much time as possible with the company of his beautiful bride Angelique Boyer.

The actor crazy to fans with new video

The actor Sebastian Rulli has followed in the footsteps of several famous means of entertainment to share funny videos Tik Tok, as the vast majority looking to be entertained in the social networks and spend a fun time.

  • “The harmony in the couple must always take care of her and feed her. Here’s our secret. The quarantine is not easy!”. Wrote the famous, as he was revealing to his fans which is their secret to a solid relationship.

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Remember that the end of the week the famous actor Sebastián Rulli, melted social networks to boast of a sizzling dance; the wedding of Angelique Boyer left you captivated to the women to teach her heavy body with very little clothing, while she was daring movements.