Some neighbors of Alicante recreate the tune of ‘Here no hay quien viva’ from their windows


The confinement at home for the past two weeks is causing that creativity is manifested in different ways around the globe. In Spain, with a powerful cultural background and common social, we have gotten that entire neighborhoods join and get perform songs corals like this tune of ‘Here no hay quien viva’.

Has been in Torrevieja (Alicante) where the inhabitants of the Street Maldonado have agreed on all floors to not only sing but to interpret the tune of this famous series of Antenna 3.

‘Here no hay quien viva’ is still present in the collective imagination of our society and this has been shown by the members of this community, that they have learned the same dance steps that made the characters of Juan Cuesta (José Luis Gil), Emilio (Fernando Tejero) or Bethlehem (Malena Alterio).

The video already has more than half a million reproductions on Twitter and everything indicates that it will be the first of many neighborhoods in Spain that will be added to this challenge.

'Here no hay quien viva'

Artistic neighborhood

The inhabitants of the street Maldonado have not been slow to realize its potential and already have opened an account in Instagram where they climb all their actions of Friday, when they do make their own ‘Your Face Sounds’.

On Twitter there are also other performances like that of ‘An ideal world’ from ‘Aladdin’ and another tune of a series rather than known, ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’.