Sony, all the outputs in the cinema moved from a year ago. Here are the movies we are in the year 2020


The entertainment industry continues to be under hard blows by the current plight of the global health by Coronavirus. Sony Pictures has announced in fact, postponed until 2021, in large part, of his film projectsbehind some question mark about the possible impact this may have for the industry as a whole.

To be the first title from the game is Ghostbusters: Afterlifeanother Chapter of the successful saga-catcher spirits, whose theatrical release is planned has been postponed for July 10 of this year, at the 5. March 2021. The same fate for Morbiusplayed by Jared Leto and a part of the Marvel universe, which is in cinemas on 19. March 2021, eight months after the first release, expected on October 31. July 2020.

New data programming for Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, film directed by Will Gluck, and slipped from 7. august 2020 15. January 2021, and for Fatherhoodmovies drama directed by Paul Weitz, is running three months late in January 2021.

Late also Uncharted, the film adaptation of the note saga series starring Tom Holland, whose rotation is suspended are currently working, and a resulting shift of the release date of March 2021 in October of the same year. Finally, complete a second project in the Sony/Marvel wiped outwithout a title, should the division in the year 2022.

Sony is clearly not going to abandon the only one of its outputs cinemas in a time of uncertainty for the distribution in the halls. Also, Disney has decided to move the start of the live-action Mulanplanned for the month of March, and Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson, but without a specific date. Reference was made, however, of Warner Wonder Woman 1984in the issue of august 2020, and Scooby!in the programming, originally scheduled for may 2020, and is currently without a release date.