Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande will send the money to the fans in difficulties due to the Coronavirus


There are many stars these days are making a donation to this or that charity, to help the people affected by the emergency Coronavirus. But Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande have chosen to go a step further, by sending the money directly to the fans in the difficulty the economy because of the pandemic. the case of Samantha Jacobson, after having written on the profile Tumblr, of Swift of not having a job, a paycheck and not be able to pay the bills, saw that the bar at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida, where she had worked had closed down because of the limitations imposed by the containment of the Covid-19, was contacted via Twitter by the singer, who then sent 3 thousand dollars (a little less than 2,800 euros) to help her cope with the costs. I was without words – has told to the People, the 24-year-old bartender, who’s a fan of Swift since being a young girl – because I could not believe that someone who I love, admire and respect cos so long could get to a similar act of generosit. Now able to pay the bills and get ahead for a bit, waiting for me to respond to the unemployment benefit. And 3 thousand dollars has also been another admirer of the singer, by the name of India, which he then posted on Twitter the screenshot of her exchange of messages with the artist, after acknowledging via social that his new job had been frozen for at least six months. Are in a state of shock and I’m still crying. Are also tripped in the carpet as I ran to ask my brother if the message Taylor had the ” most authentic, and probably now I have a concussion, joked of the fan in the rear

Ariana Grande

Unlike the Swift (or, rather, his fans, who have made public their stories), the Great is, instead, helping his followers in secret, as indeed he wrote to Page Six, the singer has posted between 500 and 1,000 dollars (i.e., between 450 and 900 euros) to more than 20 people through the app payment Venmo.

31 march 2020 (edit march 31, 2020 | 09:49)