The debate of the day on Twitter: what series is better, ‘Shin Chan’ or ‘Doraemon’?


It is quarantine time. Of being at home, telework, to catch up with movies, series or books. To be with the family. Make video calls to friends. And, of course, entering any debate on Twitter and take the time to defend to layer and sword to one side or the other. The latest discussion has touched bone in the childhoods of many children of the 90’s and 2000’s.

Debate 'Doraemon' or 'Shin Chan'

‘Shin Chan’ or ‘Doraemon’. The cosmic cat or irreverent child of Kasukabe. It is rare to find households that do not have ever seen a series or another, or the two. On Twitter the debate has turned on to the question of which of the two series is better. And although the original tweet ‘Doraemon’ seems to win by a majority, many users do not have anything clear.

The defenders of Shinnosuke Nohara have decided to a counter with hundreds of reactions, which have been followed by their corresponding responses of the fans of ‘Doraemon’. And, in between, there are also several advocates for the understanding and even both animes at the same level.

To taste the colors

In full effervescence of the debate, others have decided to take to claim series such as ‘Dragon Ball’, ‘KochiKame’, ‘Totally Spies!’, ‘Detective Conan’… there Are so many series of quality who have been coming to Spain the only thing that seems clear is that understanding is impossible. Each one has been influenced by one or the other throughout his life. And, without doubt, that is the best news.