“The floor is lava!”: look at the stunts that made Justin Bieber and the great final blow


The marriage composed by Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin enjoy couple time to have fun in quarantine. The last video released in the social networks turned out to be very funny even if the singer gave a good blow!

During this quarantine, in the united States, the famous Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin enjoy the romantic moments (and also fun) as husband and wife.

The partner of the singer and the model commonly used application Tik Tok, and even created a challenge for the fans. The videos are viralizados by Justin Bieber in its account of instagram. What a genius!

In the last few hours, Hailey Baldwin gave a challenge to her husband: “The floor is lava”, is heard saying in the video. Mommie!

Justin Bieber began an odyssey to get to the double bed, but the end is totally rugged!

Used couches, chairs, skateboards, even a cylinder to roll on the floor!, but when I was about to come, when you want to skip making the bed, fell to the floor behind him, and both Justin as Hailey broke out in laughter. How much creativity!