The Government plans to inject 15 million euros to the private television of Atresmedia and Mediaset


The draft of the Royal Decree-law on economic measures complementary to cope with the effects of the crisis of the coronavirus includes a help 15 million euros to the private television networks that broadcast the national level and in the openaccording to reports Vozpópuli this Tuesday. Antenna 3, Cuatro, Telecinco and laSexta, belonging to the groups Atresmedia and Mediaset Spain, would be the main beneficiaries of this bailout, for the moment, does not include other types of media.

Are still to be defined by the terms of this financial injection and how interested parties may benefit from them. The goal is to support the technical infrastructure that brings the issue out in the open at the national levelaccording to the Executive, and also values the role of informative and entertainment television networks in these hard times.

The facilities of Atresmedia and Mediaset Spain

The facilities of Atresmedia and Mediaset Spain

Remember that the confinement by the COVID-19 has caused a rise record of the consumption of television but also a precipitous drop in advertising, as already discussed FormulaTV, since there are less companies interested in advertise your products or services. The the second week in a state of alarm sum only 555 hours advertising, while the average over 800 hours.

Newspapers such as ABC have put in question this measure through their web sites, arguing that this implies “to establish a model of aid asymmetric to the media“and denouncing that does not help the written press, which employs 21,000 people. The most critical reminder that, Atresmedia and Mediaset Spain won 118 and 211 million euros, respectively, in 2019 and, therefore, feel that they do not deserve this state aid.

The private is pronounced

The context in which it develops this Decree-law comes from an application of the march 21, UTECA, the employers of the private channels, is claiming financial compensation by the loss of advertising revenue, and the exemption to the funding of RTVE, among other measures. It should be noted that Mediaset Spain, which do not belong to this association, distinguished himself immediately from this request, arguing that “it is time to give and not to ask for” and defending the “focus only on maintaining your work”, to inform and to entertain, “up to the limit of its possibilities”.