The last photo of Scarlett Johansson reveals a secret that devastates among the most VIP


Scarlett Johansson

31 march 2020
(12:40 CET)

Scarlett Johansson is one of those actresses “different”, as pointed out by many of his followers. As much as the american is one of the best paid Hollywood and a star in the movie industry, certain details make her an interpreter uncommon.

And one of them is that, for example, do not have an account of Instagram official. Something that continues to generate many complaints among their fans, who would be very happy to know more things from it and be able to see your day-to-day through the networks.

That is why some of them have joined together to create different accounts dedicated to it. And one of them has appeared a picture that has generated a lot of comments, especially by how well he wears the skin of the performer in it.

The trick of Scarlett Johansson

A Scarlett in fact, he left many with his mouth open for a few months when he went to the golden globes with a little “brutal”. However, it was his make-up artist, Frankie Boydthat you have opted to reveal some of the secrets of Scarlett regarding your facial care.

And what surprised most is that, unlike what many of his followers imagined, Scarlett it does not make use of the creams are extremely expensive as well as treatments within the reach of very few. On the contrary.

As pointed out your make-up artist in a post to Instagram days after the ceremony, Johansson takes time using a cream from the range The Inkey List that has an average price of 10 euros, which can be found at different cosmetic stores as well as on all platforms of online sales.

A trick of beauty within the reach of all that, just minutes after this famous make-up artist what pointed in this publication of Instagram, began to run out in the shops and is already part of the usual make up I usually use the most VIP as well as their followers.