‘The Mandalorian’, and the revolutionary technology that is used in your shoot


‘The Mandalorian’, the first series in the actual action of ‘Star Wars’, has taken many plaudits in everything related to their characters and their adventure galactic but in addition to have been amazed by its special effects and high quality image. Already many series boast nivelazo in this sense, but few get to do it this fiction, created by Jon Favreau and starring Pedro Pascal, you get that visual style thanks to its bet for the very latest from the technological point of view.

'The Mandalorian', and the revolutionary technology that is used in your shoot

“With ‘The Mandalorian’ we have had the opportunity to open our way through some technical advances and some of the first times that I think that will have much impact on how it is done, film and televisionsays a Favreau very excited about that to be able to see the end result in the own set of filming. And here is the main advantage of the new method used by this series of ‘Star Wars’: everything can be seen live, not as with the green screens, which invite the imagination until subsequently fit each piece. ‘Stagecraft’ is the name of the revolutionary technique that basically, it consists in building a space surround with LED screens in such a way that the planet in which you want to set for the scene can be surrounded from floor to ceiling and virtually in 360. This, playing with all the possibilities that it offers, it may also be rendered in a ship half-built that you complete your form with parts projectedfor example. And coexist in perfect harmony the sets of all life with the digital offering the full plane in-situ, without having to wait for the post and even being able to raise certain effects directly on the set of the shoot.

As you can see the result in real-time and allows a lighting perfectly suited to the fund, this development is a luxury for the filmmaker who is directing the scene, but also from the interpretive point of view the improvement is very significant. And is that the range is no longer limited to a few interactions, or concrete gestures that allow then to fit a background or a digital object, now the actors can play directly with your environment and get away for a little bit of the journey so perfectly designed that requires a green screen. ILM, Favreau and the rest of the team, explained more extensively in this featurette:

Rumoreados new signings

Rosario Dawson sounds more than strong, such as the incorporation star of the second season mandaloriana since the rumors points to conquer us as he did with his first few episodes, or more. Dawson would embody the beloved Jedi until now only lively, Ahsoka Tanoin the next of ‘The Mandalorian’, a new course that could also have Jamie Lee Curtis. And is that according to says the popular web galactic Making Star Wars, the actress has been seen on the set of filming of this series, evidence sufficient to unleash the speculations, although it could be that Curtis only was strolling there, or that actually forms part of ‘Avatar 2’ that wheel on the side. In this line also speaks of the inclusion of Michael Biehn signing launched by Making Star Wars that after confirm The Hollywood Reporter. In the case of Biehn commented that we would be faced with a new bounty hunter and that this character would include numerous winksin their dress, and even in the dialogue, the film more mythic in which it has participated this actor, from ‘Terminator’ to ‘Alien’ going for ‘a Walk among the tombs’.