The natural curly hair Ariana Grande, the trend 2019


The natural curly hair Ariana Grande were spotted and all the fans (including us) are mad, because catch sight of the pop star mignon without his ponytail, which order is a more unique than rare. Ariana Grande in a single shot, shared by his hairstylist Josh Liuwe showed that the natural hairand the curly haircan be a new the trend for the summer of 2019 and should be shown with pride.

Ariana Grande is from a few years speaks of her hair curly and already in 2014 in a post on FB had told me how she found the natural hair they were a small achievement to be safeguarded, since, even for work, it is found to submit its locks to the various stresses, both for the color styling: it has the curly hair, in fact, but we have not seen her with straight hair. In 2014, on Facebook he wrote:

“Given that people make me a bit worried for my hair, I thought that it was time to explain the entire situation at all. I had to fade the hair and colour them red every two weeks for the first 4 years where I played in the Cat. As you can imagine this has completely destroyed my strands of hair. Now I wear a wig on Sam & Cat“.

And he went on to explain how exactly are the its natural hair curly and which of the treatments you submit them:

“My real hair are back brown, and now I have the extension, but I always keep in a ponytail because my hair is natural broken and completely ruined. I tried wigs, it all seemed RIDICULOUS. Now I’m working on a new project and would like to try some different looks. There was a moment where I wanted to literally snatch me out of the scalp”.

Ariana Grande then concluded by writing:

“So, as much as it is boring to have always the same hairlook is the one that works for now, and I feel comfortable for the first time in years…. Trust me , it’s hard for me to have to wait for as long as my natural hair grow back and the duty to wear more fake hair than I have to wear all the drag queen on Earth combined. PLEASE, give me a break about the hair (or simply don’t look at me and lol). ARE JUST HAIR AFTER ALL. There are things much more important. I love you so much”.

Curly hair, products and the tip to take care of them

To show your hair XXL without regrets, prenditene care with these 3 tip that will make your natural curly hair the hairlook more cool on the trends 2019 that I could think of:

  1. Choose the cutting curly hair suitable for the your hair to enhance the curls and not mortificarli.
  2. Dries curly hair in a natural way, possibly to the air. Retrieves the microfiber cloth to avoid electrify the strands and to shorten the time of drying with the dryer.
  3. Using styling productsas for the balm, that idratino the hair strands and avoid (like the plague) the frizz.