The new company of Maluma in quarantine


Face of the pandemic by coronaviruses, the quarantine and isolation becomes the measure of health that is primary to avoid the contagion. That is why many artists internationally shared images on how to traverse the stay in your house.

Maluma was one of them, who has shown from his home in Medellin celebrating their 5 million followers, accompanied by a variety of activities: from different challenges TikTok, even photos with their dogs and recently a video with an unexpected “company”.

“Well, my people. I think that this quarantine has only been very difficult. Today Sunday I picked up something so strong… I had to call a friend to pass a Sunday only. What is the present? What if?”, wrote, and presented to her companion, who was no less a mannequin that was in his house.

“Yes, now I present to you my company for this quarantine. I thing beautiful!”, announced, generating an evident surprise among all the fans and followers. What is true is that it was not the only thing, since I also decided to cut the hair that was dyed blonde.

In so many of his followers took the video with humor, others felt that it was a bad and cosificadora joke. Several people have assured even that Maluma is gay, rumors that began in 2016, when the artist recorded the song “Vente pa here” with Ricky Martin, at which time they are linked romantically. But, that same year, the popular puerto rican singer showed the public her relationship with Jwan Yosef.

For its part, the last official girlfriend of Maluma was Natalia Barulich, and they met in 2017 and the recording of the video “Happy four”. The passion that can be seen in this clip was beyond the screen, and the musician fell in love with the beautiful woman show her your love in front of thousands of fans during one of his shows, however all will be finished at the end of last year.