The product of eyebrows that triumphs on Instagram and that keeps them intact for hours


The gel brow has ceased to be the product of excellence. The new thing is called Soap Brows

Updated 09/12/2019 10:56

The gel eyebrows he came a few years ago to stay and is this product easy to use fills in, defines the look, and keeps your eyebrows intact. However, the makeup artists have started to use another product the outcome of which is more durable. What we discover.

If the brows in the 90’s were how much ms fine better, little by little, and over the years we have returned to a few eyebrows ms-populated. This trend gave rise to a multitude of products for eyebrows from the gel to fill, comb, and increase subtly the tone of the lpices super-fine or shadows. But now on Instagram not encontrars nothing of this. The new thing is called Soap Brows.

If we look at the last fashion shows or in the tutorials that ms know of makeup, the eyebrows, the comb upwards giving place to a look a lot more daring. The secret is in using soap solid instead of a gel for eyebrows. S, you have read well.

Make-up artists as Linda Hallberg or experts in eyebrows as Robin Evans have been using this technique for more than 3 years but has now been when it has come to Instagram. It really is the technique ms simple and possibly the ms cheap. Use a brush eyebrow disposable or a clean one, and humedecelo with a spray fixative or a haze. It is important, in order to achieve the desired finish and does not irritate the area, that the soap that we use below is specifically for use on the eyebrows or contains glycerin. Besides, it must be a soap transparent.

This technique gives the eyebrows a natural finish but if you don’t want to be without your make-up eyebrows, it is possible to maquillarlas after you apply the soap. In fact, once you have the brows, fully defined podrs maquillarlas much more quickly, and with a clearness top.

Due to this trend has emerged as a brand specialized in soap of eyebrows, Soap Brows, which already sells complete kits to get the same effect in the eyebrows that look celebrities as Hailey Baldwin, Dualipa or make-up artists as Nikki Make-Up, Sara Hill or Nicola Chapman.