The series and films coming to Netflix, HBO, Movistar+, Amazon Prime Video, Rakuten TV, Sky and Netflix in April


With all the time that we spent in the house we can finally see the series and movies that we had outstanding. This month the platforms added to their catalogs many premieres of new seasons. Comes to Netflix on April 3, the fourth part of ‘The house of paper’.

The band is trapped still in the Bank of Spain and contraatacará against the police. But, do you able to find a plan of escape? On the same day of the release of these new episodes, comes the documentary ‘The house of paper: The phenomenon’. We will see the reality of the success in the world of this fiction Spanish.

'The house of paper' part 4 Netflix

Also betting on series national-original, Movistar+ premieres ‘The invisible line’ after the advance date to the 8th of April. In terms of movies, Netflix brings us another batch of titles from the Studio Gibli as ‘El castillo ambulante’, ‘Pompoko’ or ‘Ponyo on the cliff’. On HBO you can do a marathon of the Spider-Man from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. Other titles that come to other platforms are ‘Who to iron kill’, ‘The Kingdom’, ‘little women’ or ‘Monkeys’. Then we leave the list with the most important releases of the month of April.


'The House of Paper' Part 4


April 1: ‘Sunderland ‘Till I Die’ (T2), ‘Community’ (T1), ‘How to fix to Drug Scandal’, ‘Pokémon: Series Sun and Moon’ (T3), ‘The pilot’ (T2), ‘Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’ (T3)

April 3: ‘The house of paper’ (T4), , ‘Coffee & Kareem’

April 9: ‘Hi Score Girl’ (T2)

10 April: ‘Brews Brothers’ (T1)

April 15: ‘The Innocence Files’ (T1)

16 April: ‘Fauda’ (T3)

April 17: ‘Playing with fire’ (T1)

20 April: ‘The Midnight Gospel (T1), ‘Cooking with cannabis’ (T1)

23 April: ‘the house of The flowers’ (T3)

24 April: ‘After life’ (T2)

27 April: ‘I never’

29 April: ‘Summertime’


April 1: ‘Ready Player One’, ‘El castillo ambulante’, ‘Big Fish’, ‘marie Antoinette’, ‘Ponyo on the cliff’, ‘Whispers of the heart’, ‘The memory of Marnie’, ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, ‘The wind rises’, ‘Things to do before you are 18′, ’15:17 Train to Paris’, ‘Pompoko’, ‘The hill of poppies’, ‘Mad Max, ‘wild highway’, ‘Mad Max 2 the road warrior’

April 2: ‘Violet Evergarden Gaiden: The eternity and the wrist of memories automatic’.

April 3: ‘The house of Paper: The phenomenon’

April 17: ‘Sergio’

22 April: ‘The brothers Willoughby’

24 April: ‘Tyler Rake’

HBO Spain

'Killing Eve' Season 3


April 1: ‘The Ministry of Time’ (T1, T2, And T3), ‘Water Dry’

3 April: ‘Siren’ (T3)

4 April: ‘Future Man’ (T2)

April 6: ‘Crime and disappearances in Atlanta. The lost children’ (T1)

April 13, ‘Insecure’ (T4), ‘Run’

15 April: ‘Ms. America’

16 April: ‘What we do in the shadows’

24 April: ‘We’re Here’ (T1)

April 27, ‘Killing Eve’ (T3)

28 April: ‘I Know This Much Is True’


1 April: ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Spider-Man 2’, ‘Spider-Man 3’, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: The power of Electro’, ‘Night games’, ‘The Scheme: The scandal of Christian Dawkins’, ‘Contagion’, ’15:17 Train to Paris’, ‘The orphan’, ‘Project Rampage’, ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Sex Tape: algo pasa in the cloud,’ ‘Hannah Arendt’.

April 3: ‘The unknown’

April 8: ‘Jack Ryan: Código sombra’, ‘Mission Impossible: Nation secret’, ‘Shooter: the Shooter’

10 April: ‘Entourage (The entourage)’, ‘Godzilla’, ‘Silence’

April 17: ‘Carroll’, ‘RocknRolla’, ‘10.000’, ‘The plot’

22 of April:. ‘Last Days’

24 April: ‘Hereditary’, ‘A story of revenge’ Blood father’, ‘life of Adèle’, ‘Rendel’

April 26: ‘Baby Driver’, ‘death at A funeral’

April 28: ‘let You take her!’

29 April: ‘xXx 2: State of emergency’


'Who to Iron kill'


April 8: ‘The invisible line’ (T1)

April 9: ‘The Good Fight’ (T4)

April 27: ‘Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’ (T1)


3 April: ‘Who to iron kill’

6 April: ‘The passion in art’

April 8: ‘Vivrarium’, ‘The conductor’

April 9: ‘Angry Birds 2: The movie’

10 April: ‘The joy of small things’, ‘Target: Washington D. C.’

April 11: ‘Dora and the lost city’

April 13: ‘that which burns’

17 April: ‘The teachers of Saint-Denis’, ‘Ad Astra: To the stars’

18 April: ‘Revenge below zero’

24 April: ‘once Upon a time in… Hollywood’

25 April: ‘Rambo: Last Blood’

30 April: ‘Downton Abbey’

Amazon Prime Video

'The Kingdom'


April 3: ‘tales from the Loop’ (T1)

April 5: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ (T5)

April 17: ‘Bosch’ (T6)

21 April: ‘NOS4A2 (Nosferatu)’ (T1)


April 1: ‘Countdown. The hour of your death’, ‘Timadoras compulsive’

4 April: ‘Midway’

April 19: ‘The Kingdom’

25 April: ‘Johnny English: back in action’

April 26: ‘La Gallina Turuleca’

Rakuten TV

'Little women'


April 1: ‘Seberg: beyond the cinema’

3 April: ‘Jumanji: the Next level’, ‘Good principles’

April 4: ‘Legacy bones’

6 April: ‘The passion in art’, ‘Bull’

April 8: ‘Vivrarium’

April 9: ‘my God, but what you’ve done… now?’

10 April: ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, ‘The joy of small things’

April 14: ‘the reflection of The Sibyl’

15 April: ‘little women’

17 April: ‘The teachers of Saint-Denis’

24 April: ‘children of the sea’


'The Good Doctor'


1 April: ‘Mr. Mercedes’ (T1 and T2)

April 6: ‘Castle’

April 13: ‘Reckoning: reckoning’

April 20: ‘Vis a vis: The oasis’

21 April: ‘The Good Doctor’ (last episode)


April 13: ‘Alvin and the chipmunks’

April 14: ‘The immortal. A film of Gomorrah’

April 21: ‘World War II from beginning to end’

22 April: ‘Jane Goodall: The great hope’


'Daggers in the back'


April 1: ‘The little Quinquin’

April 3: ‘The Ugly Duckling’

April 7: ‘Pure’

April 14: ‘Endeavour’ (T7)

21 April: ‘Eden’

28 April: ‘The Bay’ (T1)


1 April: ‘Love, drink and sing’, ‘waiting’, ‘Happy dreams’, ‘The Burden’, ‘The sleeping girl’, ‘Jesus’, ‘Knife + Heart’, ‘Seberg: beyond cinema’, ‘The Ghoul’, ‘by Kevin Aucoin. The make-up artist of the stars’, ‘Studio 54’, ‘just A minute of Glory’.

April 2: ‘Insumisas’

3 April: ‘Daggers in the back’, ‘Honeyland’, ‘good intentions’, ‘bloody Christmas’, ‘Curious’, ‘Eroski-Paradise’.

April 4: ‘Good principles’

April 6: ‘Parabellum’, ‘Cocote’

April 8: ‘Bombshell: The story of Hedy Lamarr’, ‘Ex Libris: The New York Public Library’.

April 9: ‘Eight steps forward’, ‘my God, but what you’ve done… now?’

10 April: ‘Love my wife’, ‘On the infinite’

April 13: ‘End of century’

April 14: “The reflection of Sibyll’

15 April: ‘Everything has a price’, ‘Burden’, ‘Antonio Lopez, 1970s: Sex, Fashion & Disk’

16 April: ‘Neighbors’

19 April: ‘Happy new year, grandma!’

22 April: ‘The officer and the spy’

23 April: ‘The Rider’

April 25: ‘The truth’

April 28: ‘Monkeys’

April 30: ‘RBG’