The video of Monica singing by Spain before being famous that what peta on YouTube



March 30, 2020
(13:10 CET)

If there is a name in the Spanish music scene that is sweeping across the world that cannot be other than Rosalia. While it is true that in the past there have been Spanish artists who have petado also beyond our borders, the success of the San Esteve Sesrovires it is hardly comparable to that of other big stars.

At least in terms of prize and, above all, to impact on the networks and in the media. Their topics raze in YouTube and there are many singers of prestige international that are already looking to collaborate with her.

Among other things because, as you well know the fans of the Rosaliathe Catalan has a deep knowledge of music, and each and every one of the issues that launches in the market end up becoming a success.

Obviously the topics with an air of more commercial as With Height, Millonària or Badly are the most listened to, but the roots of Rosalia it is based on the flamenco since, as she herself has pointed out, are all his work.

The video of Rosalia

That is why, now that Rosalia it is one of the singers most famous, many people look in YouTube their best performances and their best concerts. And one in particular has called attention specially.

Among other things because it is cake of a performance of the 2017 in Galicia, when the artist was not, nor is far and away the media star that he is today. A video in which Rosalia interprets one of his most popular subjects, and by which he rose to fame, Catherineand that is all the rage among their most faithful fans.

A Rosalia that, as much as it is now one of the names of the moment, knows very well where it comes from and, as has been pointed out in many interviews recently, do not want to never lose that point of humility, and, above all, of closeness with their sources that have been, in fact, that they have helped you to reach the most high.