‘The Walking Dead’ introduces a new character very loved in the comics

In the absence of two episodes for the end of the tenth season, everything points to ‘The Walking Dead’ is laying the foundation argument of the next. After the farewell of Michonne and the plot against Alpha by Denying, this episode has shown other plot lines parallel as the trip to Eugene, who did not appear for several episodes.

On this trip Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Miko (Eleanor Matsuura) are to a character that fans of the comic will recognize: Juanita Sanchez, alias “the Princess”.

'Juanita Sanchez'

Paola Lazaro plays Juanita Sancheza survivor of the apocalypse whose character and aesthetic rub the equated with eccentricity. This character is present in the comics but joins the protagonists much earlier than in the series of AMC, in fact in the graphic novel is Michonne who accepts that is part of them. Now, with the departure of the character of Danai Gurira, it is very likely that it is this who take the role of a woman protagonist.

Their star appearance takes place at the end of the chapter, when Eugene and Miko are in search of the mysterious Stephanie through the streets of Atlanta and end up being abruptly with “the Princess”that does not take long to make a grand entrance.

All indications are that this character will follow your line of comics, where you have an important role in bringing to Eugene and Miko to the shelter of the Commonwealth and introduce them to a new group, where we hope to see Stephanie in the next episode.

The next episode will be the last to be released in this first part of the year, as the post the final chapter is derailed by the crisis of the Coronavirus. So, for the moment, the Sunday April 5 will be the last chapter of the premiere of ‘The Walking Dead’ with the episode number 14 of this tenth season.

‘Look at the flowers’

When she came to know the name of the episodes of the second part of the tenth season, we feared the worst with the title of the chapter of this week: Look at the flowers. Finally, now we understand why.

Our deductions were not desencaminadas when you had that it would mean the death of someoneas had happened in the fourth season. On this occasion it is not Carol (Melissa McBride), who pronounced the sentence but, as the closing of the cycle, it is she who is what they say.

The ghost of Alpha chases Carol through the forest until this is threatened by a walker, it is then when the spirit claims that it is the best time to take a look at the flowers and let it die already that just are loved ones. After a moment of anxiety and tension, Carol manages to get rid of your own imagination and combat against the walker until you finish with him, causing the Alpha to finish disappear.

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