This is the new unreleased song of Jacob Forever, and Lenier: “tell me if you like”


Everything seems to indicate that the quarantine by the coronavirus not only is making sure the artists spend more time at home next to his own, but has also given rise to many begin to sort some of his work from the past that for one reason or another still have not seen the light.

This has been the case of the cuban singer of urban music Jacob Foreverwho has dusted off a musical project that carries created more than a year. It is a simple that he recorded together with the also singer of the island Lenier Table both titled Guilty heart and that it has not been until today that sounded in the face to your public.

Yosdany Jacob Carmenates, real name of Jacob Forever, wanted to share the piece with all his followers of social networks and of step to ask for your opinion on the matter.

To do so he shared a video in your account of Instagram which appears sitting in his recording studio Forever One Music while playing the background of the topic and with that he took the opportunity to also talk about his experience working alongside Lenier Table and other popular reggaeton cubans.

“I’ve been many, many years writing songs, there are composers such as Micha, Alexander Delgado, The Taiger, Alexander Delgado, The Taiger, Yordanys Perez and others with whom I have a lot of chemistry when writing a song, but with Lenier I have also written many songs cute, tell me if they like this that takes more than a year recorded,” he wrote in the post.

The reactions on the part of the admirers of Jacob Forever and Lenier Table have not been slow in appearing in the publication of the reguetonero. Most of their fans have made allusion to the perfect blending of voices that are dominating both of them every time they decide to join in a musical project of this type and have been giving the green light to exit the market Guilty heart.

“Take that out now, that’s a bombshell”, “The best of reggaeton without a doubt are you”, “Daddy, that’s got to be in the street”, “Precious, is that you are a bomb together, I love their voices”, “I love it, that’s going to make a hit” or “Everything that comes from you is good to my little brother because he put a heart”, are just some of the comments in the profile of The Immortal.

For the moment, it only remains to wait for Jacob Forever, and Lenier Table to ” wow ” their fans with the official launch of Guilty heart. And you… do you like the song?