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to see quarantine common, the two sons


Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have found a middle ground, in quarantine: the children are all at home with the mother, but still regular visits of the father

Like all of you, also Angelina Jolie in quarantine, home with all six children; including Maddox, that he was at the University of Yonsei in South Korea, but it is back in California for the medical emergency.

And like every father and mother, who tried during the pandemic of Coronavirus, also Angelina Jolie a new life to try to the highest degree of normality for their children.

**Here is the Council that Angelina Jolie is his six children**

To confirm the tasks of school and fun activities, a source that they are all good and you amuse a lot of time with the family.

But, hear ye, hear ye,in spite of all the difficulties had Brangelina, to an agreement for the care of the children, in this emergency situation also Brad Pitt is part of (in any way) your quarantine.

**Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt brought before the court giving him custody of the children**

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A source, in fact, would have said, And! News that: “All the children are at home with Angelina, but she continued to see Brad and you go home to your visits very evenly.

A long time in the family films, and all of them are good”.

**Angelina Jolie speaks about, the children, the grown (and in adolescence)**

And more: “Children that her daddy really has a calming effect. Brad is more than happy to see your kids every time you want to, but of course, the decision of Angie is”.

Unfortunately, the quarantine is seems to be limited options for Brad Pitt, his time with his children, but that all together telephony are connected with video a day.

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