VIDEO Selena Gomez and Hailey Baldwin, from rivals to friends, they defend themselves from attacks


Apparently the more you know the personality of Selena Gomez accumulate more followers, and is that the singer could have given him slapped with a white glove and a lesson of a woman with class to his opponent Hailey Baldwin after defending it against attacks in social networks.

In recent days, the networks went crazy after the artist, Selena, share a video with the theme of his most recent release “Love You to Lose Me” that generated the speculation it was dedicated to his ex-partner and now husband of Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber.

But the final thrust that will increase the rumours of a visible rivalry between the two was a publication that I provided recently to the model, in which one could read a message which said, Ill Kill You, immediately, the reaction was linked to the pop singer, Selena Gomez, who supposedly was addressed.

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In recent days, the singer Justin Bieber and the model Hailey Baldwin staged your wedding with a big event, however they were married for the first time a few days before the breakup of the singer with Selena Gomez same one that sank into a deep depression.

For this reason, fans of the artist would develop feelings negative against the model.

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The apparent hints that netizens would take for fact was then that the artist shared his new single which is supposedly the disappointment love affair with the singer outside the main inspiration and with the leave of that history.

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After the controversy that surrounded that moment in time Hailey Baldwin I respond hours later and shared a story in his account of Instagram with a hint quite aggressive in which it appeared a message threatening that read as follows:

I’ll Kill You” (‘I will kill You’) supposedly, the model pointed out was listening to the theme of Summer Walker

Hailey Baldwin made this publication after the video of the singer. Capture Instagram

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However, far from the singer, that is stretched in an exchange of “indirect” with the model and rival in love, he reacted in a way more diplomatic and is that Selena he asked his followers, “that no demons will incite violence”.

I am very grateful for the response of the song. However, never tolerate women bringing down other women. So, please, be kind to everyone, no matter what the situation, if you are my fans are not bad with no one please do not show off or say things by the heat of the moment”, said Selena Gomez

Also you can read Hailey Baldwin might have left a message aggressive to Selena Gomez

Subsequently to this message, one of the friends of the ex chica Disney, Raquelle Stevens shared a photograph where she Selena, Ashley Cook and Courtney Lopez celebrating the launch of the song, surprisingly the model and now wife of Justin Bieber he gave me like the publication, how it Could be a sign of peace between the two?

Any way, we have no doubt that after his way of reacting
Selena has earned the most followers.